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We finance a wide range of coverages, from both commercial and personal lines carriers.

Commercial Lines Premium Financing
  • We finance workers compensation insurance, general liability, business auto, taxicab, and many other types of policies.
  • Very competitive down payments.
  • Daily updates on all accounts via internet download.
  • Flexible payment plans to help insureds manage the high cost of their policies.
  • We know it is important to keep the customer happy to retain the business for the agency. We make it a priority.
Personal Lines Premium Financing
  • Customer service: We answer the phone immediately, ready to answer your question. No sifting through various extensions to get to the right person.
  • We finance automobile, mobile home, and most other dwelling policies.
  • We offer agents "hold cancellation" courtesy. You know the customer best.
  • Daily updates on all accounts via internet download.
  • Payments uploaded to us are credited to customers' accounts immediately upon receipt.
  • Communicate with us via instant chat, directly from our software.
  • Customers can make ACH or credit card payments on our website.
  • Your customers can receive text message payment reminders to help keep policies in force.
  • Allow your customers to choose an autopay plan, and have notices delivered by email or regular mail.
Roadside Assistance / AD&D Plans

MPP has arrangements with third-party providers of add-on coverages to offer these products through our software. Duplication of data entry is eliminated, saving the agent time and energy.

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